Boats for sale

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Boats for $100

White Rocks has a number of repossessed boats in the boatyard. These vessels are being offered for sale on an "as is" basis and no guarantee is made as to their seaworthiness. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to secure transportation of the vessel. The boats are available for inspection during normal marina business hours.

First Come – First Served

$100.00 purchase fee plus $7.00 tax and title fee and $24.00 boat registration fee for the DNR. The registration fee is only if the boat is being launched.

Free launch or load on trailer

If it is a sailboat you will have to pay for the de-mast, if you want the boat loaded on a trailer.

These boats are "fixer uppers". Boats do not include motors, outdrives, sails, or trailers.

You will have one (1) week to remove the vessel from the marina property.